Customised solutions that help you deliver

Work more efficiently, reduce costs, achieve better results and enhance collaboration between legal teams and other departments

Legal Ops Tech

We offer a variety of tools and software, including contract management, e-discovery, document automation, case management, and legal analytics, all customised to meet your unique needs

We want to make sure that you get the best from your tech, and ultimately a strong return on your investment

Our expert team of consultants will help you do that 

We can support with the “art of the possible” by providing guidance on what’s on the market, what technology can deliver, and what it can’t

We will work with your existing tech stack to deliver cost-effective solutions fit for a company’s specific purposes, based on CLOC best practices

We facilitate self-serve and triage system for requests into legal via Microsoft Forms and SharePoint integrations

We create searchable document repositories and robust knowledge & matter management systems using SharePoint and MS Teams

Our engineers can create more complex lifecycle management applications using Microsoft Power Platform

CLM Kickstart

With so many CLM options out there, it’s tough to know where to start.

CLM Kickstart will get you started through a brief, focused engagement.

We’ll provide realistic market insights into CLM capabilities and show you where CLM can make the biggest impact in your teams, and most importantly how to get started.

Level-up your Legal Ops

Optimise your legal ops efficiency and effectiveness with our expert guidance!

Get flexible and scalable Legal Ops-as-a-Service products from SYKE and become the ultimate business partner for your Legal Department.


Take control of your legal spend


We offer a strategic approach to efficiently and effectively manage your legal expenses

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