Deep legal tech expertise to help teams thrive

We collaborate and co-create bespoke solutions. You’ll always get an impartial opinion


We have centres of excellence with leading experts in contracting, procurement, analytics, AI, systems integrations and change management and we deploy multi-disciplinary teams to projects in an agile manner

Our legal operating models enable clients to achieve operational efficiency and set the groundwork for a digitised legal function

We help to shape our clients’ legal mandate through vision-setting and the ‘Art of the Possible’ to ensure they are future-ready

We discover and gather a thorough understanding of user needs as an essential pre-step to designing holistic user-based, solutions

Our process improvement initiatives focus on improving productivity, reducing risk and are fundamental for successful technology implementations

Our experience in template standardisation and harmonisation paves the way for automation to supercharge contracting operations

Data Services

We help our clients to unlock value from their data.

Uniquely blending lawyers, data scientists, contract specialists, developers and systems experts to help our clients reduce and manage cost and risk, increase efficiency and better demonstrate value.

Leveraging our market-leading methodologies to help train AI models in several leading technologies

Uniquely blending AI and human progress to review/extract data from contracts as a packaged service

Helping our clients to transfer data between technologies

Intelligently integrating technologies to automate data flows to drive efficiencies and process optimisation

Enabling GCs and Legal Ops leaders to better understand and use data to drive strategic decision making

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