Our service is bespoke and tech agnostic

We are trusted global strategic implementation partners for all 5 of the Leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CLM

What we do best

You’ll get expertise in contract tech, particularly contract lifecycle management (CLM)

We are experts in legal ops tech, often referred to as the world’s first Legal Systems Integrator

Legal transformation consulting helps you uncover hidden value in your business

The SYKE approach

Our key principles ensure digital success and prioritise customer experience

Need a successful solution supported by a multi-disciplinary team? Let us know and we’ll be in touch to discuss how we can set you up for success

Readiness first

Get set up for success with processes and templates re-designed for digital success.

People focused

You will become the centre of attention with customer centric design and continuous engagement.

User experience

Get a beautiful systems designed to maximise adoption and create a positive user experience.

Outcome led

Know that your solution will be focused on ROI and scalability.

Data driven

Your data will drive decision-making to continually improve our services to you.

Contract tech experts

Last year we implemented more CLM systems than any other organisation and we have more than 150 contract technologists

We implemented Unilever’s award-winning CLM system “Contracts4U”, arguably the world’s most advanced and adopted CLM

Legal ops tech experts

Last year we implemented more legal technology solutions than any other organisation and we have more than 200 legal technologists

Our work spans matter management, collaboration, spend management, e-auctions, lawbots and knowledge platforms

We also integrate into other systems of record, exponentially increasing the value of the solution to our customer

Legal transformation experts

Our customers want solutions that add value to the business as a whole

Legal is at the heart of every major revenue or cost management process in the business

Our consulting team to help deliver transformation from the legal department out to the rest of the business

People and tech

Get help choosing the right combination of flexible resource and tech to help you build your ideal legal function – one that is effective, agile, and able to prove its value to the business.

We’ll design and implement your perfect people-focused, tech-enabled legal service.

Find a unique combo of people and tech to suit your needs

Add to your existing resources or SYKE tech set-up

Start small, adding extra people and technology over time

Contract Concierge

An all-in-one service from LOD and SYKE, Contract Concierge combines people and tech to help you take control of your commercial contracts.

You get outsourced legal support to take on your contract workload right away and AI-powered data insights to drive efficiencies in your team now and in the future.

Legal Tech Concierge

A tailored contract support solution to help you get the best from your CLM.

This solution will balance the need for external support with self-sustainability over time, allowing you to maintain quality while managing costs.

SYKE Procure

Lawyer engagement is a key challenge to the adoption of legal e-auction technology. This is a consistent finding among all our customers.

To counter this, we offer Procurement Concierge, which alongside application maintenance and support, provides dedicated human support to perform basic configuration changes to the application and to build, launch and manage sourcing events.

SYKE Advance

Scale up your legal technology solutions by using our services to enhance and increase the current usage of your system. Maximise adoption and ensure ROI. Take advantage of our expertise in legal tech and operations to improve the service delivery into your organisation. Access our knowledge base of 200+ Legal Experts.

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