Take your legal function to a new realm

flexible resource and legal tech

Get help choosing the right combination of flexible resource and tech to help you build your ideal legal function – one that is effective, agile, and able to prove its value to the business

Together with LOD, we’ll then design and implement your perfect people-focused, tech-enabled legal service

Find out about Contract Concierge

Find a unique combo of people and tech to suit your needs

Add to your existing LOD people or SYKE tech set-up

Start small, adding extra people and technology over time

What you’ll get

Ideas turned into reality

As experts in getting the best from legal teams we’ll combine flexible resource and legal tech to bring your ideas to life

Whether your challenges are big or small, we’ll show you how to use people and technology together to make your ideal legal function a reality

Confidence to change

Our experts have walked in your shoes so you can trust us to design, build and implement your people-focused tech-enabled legal service.

With your ROI at the centre, we’ll partner with you to bring in the change you need.

Long-term success

With nimble, pragmatic support to match your evolving needs, we’ll help you adapt over time.

You’ll get insights through reporting to help you prioritise, streamline, and continuously improve. And you’ll stay on top long-term as you show the wider business the value that your team adds.

Unrivalled expertise

Our joint in-house expertise is unsurpassed giving us a full understanding of your legal function.

So you can be sure you’ll get the best outcome for your legal team and for your business through our combined people and technology solutions.

Contract Concierge

An all-in-one service from LOD and SYKE, Contract Concierge combines people and tech to help you take control of your commercial contracts.

You get outsourced legal support to take on your contract workload right away and AI-powered data insights to drive efficiencies in your team now and in the future.