Are you an enthusiastic self-starter?

Join the fastest-growing independent legal technology consultancy in the world

A few compelling reasons to work with us:

We have
strong values

We don’t mince our words, we always say it straight, we say what we think, and tell our clients what we’re up to

You’ll always have the support and supervision of our leadership team, and we work hard to share ideas and innovation internally so that our engineers remain the best in the business

Have integrity

Be respectful and treat others how you expect to be treated

Be excellent

Take care and ensure quality in EVERYTHING you do

Value time

Prioritize your time to be impactful and value the time of others

Be accountable

Own your decisions, responsibilities and mistakes

Be bold

Challenge convention and relentlessly drive for improvement

Be “One SYKE”

We succeed or fail together be ONE Team

Work wherever
you want

We’re more interested in the work you do than where you do it. We don’t have offices, so we can recruit the best talent from across the globe

We are flexible about working hours, locations and time zones, and we try to keep internal processes and paperwork to a minimum. We want everyone to spend their time doing stuff, rather than talking about doing stuff

Work with
leading brands

We’re proud to work with some of the biggest and best-known companies in the world, including the likes of HSBC, VISA, Unilever and Facebook

Some of our team even work on site with clients to get immersed in the teams they’re supporting and gain a deeper understanding of their needs on a day-to-day basis

The opportunities 
are endless

As part of a growing business there’s lots of opportunities to get involved in new projects and expand your skillset

We want to grow our future leaders from within, so there’s room for progression and you can plot your own career path without being tied to a traditional linear progression model